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About Us

Corbin with people of IndiaIn 2013, Coney and Corbin met in Hawaii while Coney was pursuing his undergraduate degree from BYU-Hawaii. Corbin was working full-time at BYU-Hawaii and owned a small business. Initially, when Coney approached Corbin with an idea to start a screen printing business in India, Corbin pitched him another idea. Corbin wanted to repurpose rice bags in India into cool, stylish, environmentally friendly tote bags.

Corbin Thomander is originally from California. Bezaleel Coneykanth Pulla is from Hyderabad, India. Although the two of them came from a totally different background, they had a similar vision and mission which was to 'go forth and serve' people in need around the world.

Left to right - Santosh, Coney

Coney grew up in a humble family in India. Right next to his house was a drainage ditch. 20 years ago families lived in huts next to that drain and they still do today. Almost everyday when Coney went to school and returned, he saw kids in those huts who never went to school and never had nutritious food to eat. Most of the kids' mothers worked as maids and they made barely enough to live off on each day.  Growing up, Coney always wanted to do something to those families. More than anything, he wanted to help provide enough food so that their families could save some money and be able to pay for their kids to go to school. So, with Corbin's idea to repurpose rice bags and Coney's desire to give away the rice to feed families in need, the tagline was born, "Buy a bag. Feed a family."

In 2014, with the help of Corbin's entrepreneurial mindset and Coney's desire to give back in India - Rice Love was born. 

Rice Love's mission is to make really cool products and to help people in need. Helping people is at the heart of everything that Rice Love does from giving rice, to taking care of its employees, to taking care of the planet.

800 million people around the world don't have enough food to live a healthy lifestyle. At 200 million people, India is the country with most hungry. Join the growing fight against hunger. Buy a bag. Feed a family.


Worldwide Sales and Distribution

54-026 Waikulama Street

Hauula, Hawaii, USA

Em: customerservice@ricelove.org


Japan Only Sales and Distribution

1-3 Tsukisamuchuo 5 Chome 

Legato Towers 201, Toyohira-ku

Sapporo, Japan

Em: coney@ricelove.org

Ph: 080-8118-0095


Manufacturing and Giving

Hyderabad, India

Em: coney@ricelove.org



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